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Technology that supports you

We study and design directly, using the latest generation total precision injection moulding machines. We control every stage of the production development, from the choice of the raw materials to the packaging. With a production department of over 100 moulds, our building products are suitable for flat and/or pitched roofs and for bituminous and PVC or TPO synthetic membranes, as well as self-levelling adjustable and fixed support systems for raised floors, accessories for cementitious waterproofings and waterstop joints. For construction we are your support.

Resistant to time

Thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired over years, we studied products that resist over time and atmospheric agents. We produce the entire range internally because we want to guarantee products with exceptional performance characteristics. Duration is the sign of Italprofili products. We are known and appreciated for this.

High-quality material

Choosing raw materials is the starting point to ensure unique and lasting performance products even under extreme weather conditions. We use prime polymers; they do not contain toxic substances and are 100% recyclable, allowing a careful disposal to the environment. We do not fear time, we want to be tested.

Adjustable paving support systems have been our natural evolution. Simple, modular and adaptable, our adjustable paving support systems leave room for imagination and creativity.

Bituminous waterproofing for flat and pitched roofs is where we come from, where our roots are in a certain sense. The experience gained in the field has resulted over the years in new patented products, reaching what is still a fundamental business unit for us today.

We apply the best of our knowledge from the very first stage of the construction of a building: the foundations. The foundations are that part of the structure which has a very important task: to absorb loads anchoring the building to the ground.

We have expanded the variety of our products with a line suitable for the use on waterproofed roofs with cementitious waterproofings or with any cold liquid membrane.