The 100% eco-friendly Buvette

It is a 100% eco-sustainable Buvette, a space dedicated to visitors of the famous Ca ’della Nave golf course, the object of the new project of which Italprofili is proudly a technical partner.
The building, modular and patented (based on XlamItalia project), will have a covered area of ​​40 square meters approximately and will act as a “starter” position located at the beginning of the course of the golf club near the pool and the restaurant of the Club.

The minimalist building, with a modern and appealing design, will have a catering function for golf course clients who will pass by here to collect the “score”, the card where the score is marked, while for the partners who contributed to its realization will be a special detached showroom. The attention to details and interior and exterior furnishings will make this elegant Buvette a real meeting room.
Our Special Joist adjustable paving support systems, strong and safe due to their conformation and made with 100% recyclable raw materials, are the foundations that support the structure. Thanks to their great versatility they are perfect for different types of buildings, new constructions, redevelopment, renovation of buildings and outdoor spaces. They adapt very well to outdoor environments with any type of ceramic, cement and decking flooring. The adjustable paving support systems also leaves freedom to change and play with different materials to enhance the architecture of the spaces.
In the specific case of the Buvette they adapt with extreme simplicity to the differences in height and the slopes of the tree-lined land that frames the historic sixteenth-century Venetian Villa Grimani Morosini and with the regulating key, even with the floor laid, and the self-levelling head it is possible to correct slight differences in height up to about 9% of slope.
The choice of a raised floor made with Italprofili Special adjustable paving support systems has numerous advantages: beyond the improvement of the thermal and acoustic insulation of a building, thanks to the air space between the laying surface and the floor, it allows a quick inspection of the waterproofing and underlying systems, lifting a single portion of the floor without complex and expensive interventions. The adjustable paving support systems have been the natural evolution of our company, which has always studied building solutions that transform and simplify the construction of a structure, making it more efficient and performing