THE ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT “SPECIAL LIGHT JOIST” for raised decking can be used above all for external projects with various types of decking fl ooring.

Its special head makes it suitable for use with any kind of joist. it is the perfect solution for turning non praticable areas into praticable ones, whether they are waterproofed or not, it also allows for the passage of pipes etc which are normally placed within the construction or in the ground thus allowing for easy access in the case of maintenance.

For this reason, raised fl oors are mainly used in new buildings or in renovation where maximum design and fl exibility is required or simply to ease the inspection of the waterproofi ng layer or any pipes, cables, etc.

The adjustable support Special Light Joist is produced using only the fi nest top grade polypropyleane and additives, these top quality raw materials ensure its long durability and also increase the load capacity.