The ADJUSTABLE PAVING SUPPORT SPECIAL with its self-leveling head is designed to give a strong and robust support for raised floors. The adjustable paving support Special for raised floors also has one of the highest load capacities available on the market today. Because of its versatility it can be used on both internal or external projects, it can also be used with a wide range of different types of paving, for example porcelain, marble or stone ,wood, composite wood. It is the perfect solution for turning non practicable areas into practicable ones, whether they are waterproofed and not, it also allows for the passage of cables, pipes etc that are normally present in offices, shops and work environments. For this reason, raised floors are mainly used in new buildings or in renovation where maximum design and flexibility is required or simply to ease the of inspection the waterproofing layer or any pipes, cables etc. The adjustable support Special is produced using only the finest top grade polypropylene and additives, these top quality raw materials ensure its long durability and also increase the load capacity.

The NEW SELF-LEVELLING HEAD for any joist type is especially advantageous when installing on an inclined surface, since the support can be placed directly on the inclined surface without the need for any supplementary components. This feature makes it possible to provide automatic levelling for inclinations up to 10%.

If it is necessary to ANCHOR THE SUPPORT Art. 186.2, the locking ring can be installed in such a way as to keep the head in a perfectly horizontal position with respect to the paving without affecting the possibility of adjustment after installation of the flooring.